Shantel Wall

shantel_wallI have always been drawn to anything that is considered art or creative or crafty. When I was young I remember sitting at my grandparent’s island cutting and gluing and just being content colouring for hours and hours. I remember my grandmother introducing me to paints when I was young and I would look through her painting books for hours. When I was in high school I took up jewellery making and I remember taking my little box of jewellery to school and my teachers would take it to the coffee room at break and purchase pieces. As I grew older I made floral arrangements, jewellery, folk art, painted and was into scrapbooking. But just recently this year took up painting again as I was feeling creative and I ended up falling in love with the creative process once again. I love starting with a blank canvas and letting the paint flow where it wants to! I have been mixing mediums such as inks, oils, pastels and acrylics! I feel as like my art is always changing as I explore different mediums and techniques. I enjoy the creative process and love seeing where the art takes itself! I am a self taught artist and I would call my style of painting as unique decorative abstract.

You can see more of Shantel’s work at Shantel Marie Art on Facebook