Michael Norris

michael norrisOriginally from Saskatoon, I moved to Herbert 2 years ago with my wife and 2 children. The change from big city life to small town living has been amazing.

As my children get older, I find I have more free time. So I decided to challenge myself with learning a new skill. I already have a background in welding and electrical so it seemed only natural that woodworking would be next. With a gentle nudge from my wife and a few trips to the local hardware store I had my new tools out of their boxes, my shop re-arranged and was ready to go.

Now I find myself mixing all my skill sets together. A trip to the junk yard, a trip to the local antique store and a quick stop for lumber can become a beautiful lamp or a wine rack or a storage unit. Add in some modern technology and the possibilities are endless. I quite enjoy this creative outlet. My children enjoy it too. You can usually find them in the shop “Helping Daddy.”

If you would like to see some of my recent work, please visit and like my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thebeardandchisel I hope you will enjoy my interesting creations.

My name is Michael Norris. But you will come to know me as the Happy Bearded Man.