Krista Routledge

kristaAs a way of relaxing in the early morning or evening hours, Krista spends time creating. For the past 10 year a collection of colours, shapes and textures have been an inspiration to create one-of-a-kind jewelry. Each piece is crafted to be shared with someone whose interest and personality suits it. Not all pieces are symmetrical or balanced thus giving he recipient a unique design to proudly wear. Over the year return clients have requested custom pieces which are challenging and always a reward to complete. Styles change and ideas abound with never enough time to complete them all.

More recently in January 2012, it became evident that photography was a definitely a major interest to Krista. A Christmas gift from her husband made this passion a reality. With a love of nature and the outdoors, the new camera lent itself to capturing many special moments. A short drive in the country might easily take an entire afternoon (or more) when watching for birds, interesting fence posts and barbed wire, grasses and wild flowers, abandoned buildings, and of course, our ever changing sky.

Today when the weather is inclement, the designing of jewelry may fill the spare moments. Tomorrow as the sun’s rays crest the horizon, there will hopefully be time to take the camera, drive to the country, and capture some incredible nature to share with others.

A busy lifestyle of full time work, family and friends, spending time with 5 precious grandchildren and always thinking about the next creation or photo shoot rarely gives Krista a dull moment.

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