Krista Routledge

kristaI am a passionate photographer, always aiming to improve my skills. Spending time on back roads finding photographic treasures and wildlife is the way I love to spend some of my free time. The stories that result from my adventures are really quite exciting, sometimes scary, but always memorable. I love to share the story behind the image whenever possible depicting just how events took place. Saskatchewan’s outdoor world, wildlife, flora and fauna, antiques and abandoned buildings, etc. catch my eye while driving in the country. My photography has grown over the last 5 years to include not only daytime, but nighttime work as well.

Just a few adventures have included climbing tall (very unstable) trees to retrieve an owlet for banding, driving down roads too muddy to be passable (but we managed & I love to re-watch the videos) and setting up for Aurora photos while coyotes surrounded us (unknowingly) and scared us all beyond imagination! Life has been full of true adventures, no matter the time of day or night, and I trust I will be able to continue for years to come.

During more inclement weather, I find myself ready to design jewelry with ideas that have come to mid at odd hours of the day or night. Some of those ideas are roughly sketched on s scrap paper so I don’t forget them. A client once referred to me as an “artistic dreamer.” Although I’m not exactly sure what she meant I do know that I have dreams and love to display my artistic talent through my designs. I am thrilled to design specific pieces, with a personal touch for weddings, graduations or special events. Styles change and my designs have evolved over the last 14 years, still holding on to a classic look. When I hear friends and acquaintances tell me where they are sharing my jewelry, it affords me the opportunity to dream even bigger. With pieces being sent to Australia, China, England and numerous other places around the world, I’m so appreciative of those who love my work and unique style. My busy lifestyle of work, family and friends helps me appreciate the time set aside to pursue my passions.

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