Hedi Gossweiler

hediHedi Gossweiler is a fashion designer by trade. She designs, produces and sells high-end alpaca products. She markets an extensive line of wearables including sweaters, scarves, socks, hats, blankets, insoles and even teddy bears that she markets primarily at craft shows, out of her gift shop at the Lone Eagle Motel in Herbert, Saskatchewan. and via her website: www.swisslinealpacas.com

Hedi’s newest passion, besides working with alpaca fibres, is painting with acrylics. She also creates unique and detailed 2-dimensional works of art by needle felting alpaca hair.

Before emigrating from Switzerland to Saskatchewan in 1981, Hedi attended College of Arts plus Fashion Design and Sewing in Switzerland and has worked for various businesses in areas of arts and design. Hedi’s creations are well known and sought after for their craftsmanship, uniqueness and attention to detail. Most of her products are in-house designs and hand-made. To round up the collection, Alpaca Expressions added some high quality machine-made items.

Hedi has won many first place awards, including Judge’s Choice awards, at fibre competitions. She participated in the 2005 High Fibre Exhibition at Art Gallery of Swift Current and is a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

Alpaca Expressions of Canada is a division of Swiss Line Alpacas owned and operated by Max & Hedi Gossweiler of Herbert, Saskatchewan. The business is the largest producer of alpaca products in the province and one of the largest in Canada.

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