Donald Ferguson

Donald FergusonI love wandering around in the great outdoors, hiking or canoeing into places where I can be surrounded by Mother Nature. My Camera is just a tool that I use to try and capture some of the beauty, peace and joy that I experience while being in a meadow at sunrise, surrounded by the music of Meadowlarks, dew glistening grass and the warmth of the rising sun. Of course all mornings are not created equal, the sunrise may be hidden and the Meadowlarks silent, but the best thing about nature photography is that even if I have been out all day and don’t come capture anything great on camera, I have been out… all day …in nature.

My photographic style is more artistic than documentary, when I make a photograph I am not trying to show the scene exactly as it appeared to the naked eye but to use photographic technique (different lenses, slow shutter speeds, composition, etc.) to create art out of the elements that Mother Nature has given me. The emotion of the image is the most important element to me.

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