April Bradley

April BradleyDrawing inspiration from the prairie and animals she grew up surrounded by on her family’s Swift Current area farm, April Bradley creates jewelry, paintings, and crochet works. Much of her medium is quite literally a product of her upbringing and surroundings as the rocks she paints are often discovered while visiting her parents and walking around their land.

The jewelry is created from bison horn collected from her family’s farm as well. Using bison horn to create her jewelry in designs that range from delicate to rugged creates an interesting challenge because the shape and design in the horn is a surprise every time.

The crochet work is new to April in the last few years. They began as simple patterns from books but quickly April began to create her own patterns of creatures familiar to the rest of her work. Creating these crochet pieces is an opportunity to have some fun and make something people of any age can pick up and play with.

April has a degree in Applied Visual Communications from Medicine Hat College and works by day as an in-house graphic designer. She can be reached at avril.brad@gmail.com